katie reider

katie reiderIn a day and age where independent musicians saturate the market in hopes of being discovered, thousands of fans will confess that Katie Reider had that "star quality". You couldn’t help but be drawn into her world, whether it was at a live performance or through the speakers of your stereo. Katie’s genuine talent, raw wit and openness will live on forever through her music, fans, friends & family...

katie reider

  katie reider   katie reider   katie reider  
  Katie made every interaction genuine and important, fans were friends... friends were fans. How did Katie impact your life?

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  Katie’s music will speak for itself, listen. Buy songs and CD’s online.

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  Katie was at home, on stage... roars of laughter accompanied driving melodies and a soaring voice.

Katie combined John Mayer charisma, with Ellen DeGeneres wit, and a song- writing style reminiscent of an early Shawn Colvin. Experience Katie here...

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